Monday, January 26, 2009


Updates on Clay, he is 7 weeks already!

Clay has been smiling and I love it. He does it a lot in the morning when he wakes up. He also giggles a little bit too and it is so cute. Mike loves to make faces at him and it makes him smile every time, well most of the time, unless he is hungry then he just wants me.

He has been making a lot more noises and talking to us. He does this mostly in the morning too.

He no longer likes his car seat. Especially at night, probably because it is dark and he is in the back seat by himself. We put up this little toy that sounds kind of like a chime and he seems to like that. So sometimes he screams in his car seat and then usually falls asleep right when we pull up in our driveway, or wherever it was we were going.

Last night Mike and I went over to Jen and Cody's house and Jen taught us how to do infant massage. Clay loved it. He did such a good job and stayed awake and happy the whole time. I was worried he was going to be cranky, lately he is at night. He did really good though, and I am excited to do it again tonight.

I think that is all really, he is growing and his newborn clothes are getting to be too small now! I have to move him up to 0-3 months. His hair is getting to be a little bit longer, but you can't tell too much. He still has big blue eyes, they have lightened up since he was born but they didn't change color. Which I am happy about, I love his blue eyes. His hair does look like it is going to be red which is another thing I am excited about, I hope it has a little curl to it too like Mike's. Mike's hair was adorable when he was little, I hope that is what Clay's hair will look like.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A couple of my favorite things.

So when Clay is asleep and you either, stand up with him, surprise him or just simply move positions he throws his hands up in the air. I don't know why but I think it is so funny, okay I know why because it is funny! It is so cute! After he throws his hands up in the air with fingers spread out as far as they will go they go in slow motion back down. I love it.

Next thing, little corduroys! I can't get over how cute they are! Mike is at work and I warned him that when he gets home he is going to pee his pants about how cute his outfit is today.

And now he is hungry so that is all!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Today was Clay's first day snowboarding! Thats right we took him with us!! It was so much fun, we just went and hiked up this one spot, it was just a short little run that went pretty slow, but it was good for Clay's first time. He of course slept through most of it. Mike just had him under his coat in our little wrap, he stayed really warm the whole time right next to his papa.

This is up at the top, just about ready to go down.

This is me on Mike's splitboard he let me try it out on the way up, it was much faster than being on snowshoes!

I just wanted to add this really cute picture.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sweet little boy

I just wanted to post this cute picture of Clay. This is Mike's favorite picture, we love sweaters. This is a good one with his eyes wide open. Thats all really, everything is going good over here, no complaints. Mike is just working a lot, and I usually go bug him over at Al's, otherwise I never get to see him. It has been pretty cold here as usual, it got warm for a little bit, but that is no good because it just melts everything and then freezes and night and makes a nice sheet of ice over everything. I still have yet to go snowboarding and so does Mike! I still haven't figured out how we are going to do that, I will probably just have to send him up to go play. Maybe we can work out snowshoeing one of these days. Okay now I am just rambling, enjoy the cute photo!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

So for New Year's we went over to Jen and Cody's house and had chinese and watched Horton hears a who. At midnight we woke up Mike and drank our sparkling juice of sorts and had treats. It was lots of fun and I got a new camera, YEAH!!! So now I can take lots of cute pictures of our baby boy. He is doing really good, he is very strong and loves lifting up his head and likes to push himself up on Mike's chest, it is the cutest thing. We are having lots of fun though and we like to go on walks. There are a couple of pictures of him in his wrap, he loves it. We went to Angie's the other night (little diner restaurant in Logan) He just slept on the booth in between us the whole time. What a good little boy!!! Then afterwards when we got up to leave, I think our waitress was surprised to see a little baby she didn't notice him laying there before. I love to see how many people smile and me because I am holding cute little Clay.

This is a hat that his cousin Afton made for him for Christmas!!! I love it, it is so cute! Thank you Aftie!