Thursday, December 17, 2009


My little boy is 1 year old!! I can't believe it has been a year already! This year has been CRAZY, but tons of fun. Clay is so fun to be with all day. He is constantly learning new things. Yesterday he pulled the mop out of the closet and started pushing it around the kitchen floor, he is such a good helper! He loves sorting the clean clothes, and helping me put the wet clothes in the dryer, or the wet clothes in the other room. Last night he woke up at 2:30 ready to go, I kept trying to get him back to sleep and nothing worked. He kept kicking me because he couldn't get back to sleep so I starting holding his knees down when he would kick, and he thought that was HILARIOUS! He was laughing! I was like seriously you are laughing. . . . then I thought screw it I can't be mad at him when he is giggling, so I decided to make him laugh even more by tickling him and hoped this would wear him out. He did eventually go back to sleep, and slept until 8 this morning!

For his birthday we had family and close friends over. The night before his birthday however our sink got clogged. We tried to clean out all the pipes under the sink, we used drain o, we did everything we could think of and it was still not draining. So the next morning Mike took off work to figure out what was wrong. He ended up taking apart pipes that were in the basement and in the process breaking one of them. YEAH! So after Mike and Travis got all the pipes cleaned out and almost barfed because it smelled so bad, Mike went off to the store to get some new pipes. In the mean time, I still had not showered and I couldn't now because the pipes downstairs were taken apart. My kitchen was a complete disaster with dishes everywhere full of water from the sink! So Mike got home, fixed the pipes, and by 12:30 I was in the shower. Everybody was coming over at 1, by the way and I still had to make all the cupcakes and lunch for everybody too! So I had Jen make the cupcakes for me, and had Travis and Megan help with the decorations and food. All in all it turned out really good, lunch was good and the kitchen no longer smelled bad. Clay had a great 1st birthday and he loved all of his presents! I don't know why but it seems we are always working on something when Travis and Megan come to visit us, we are going to scare them away!
The cupcake tree! Thank-you Theresa and Melissa. Also thank-you Jen for making all the cupcakes!

Opening presents, he wanted to be sitting on my lap the entire time.

Last but not least he loved his little cake, after every bit he would say mmmmm

Now for Christmas, I am so excited to go to St. Louis I can hardly wait! I am so excited to see all of my family and my parents new house!! It is going to be so much fun, we will be there for a week! YEAH! It is only a week away!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


So the other night Mike, Clay and I went up into the mountains and found ourselves a Christmas tree! It was so much fun! It was pretty cold and there was a lot more snow than we had anticipated. We did find a good tree after a little bit of walking and searching. We ended up hiking up the side of the mountain in about 6 inches of snow. Mike carried Clay under his arm, and I cut down the tree!! We had a lot of fun, and got a good tree. I just have to finish decorating it and then I will post more pictures of it all completed!

Clay's 1st birthday is this Saturday!!! I can't believe it has been a year already! We are excited to celebrate his birthday, and I will post more about him for his birthday. I will tell you how great he is, even if he is mad at me right now for not letting him play with the computer!