Friday, July 31, 2009

Bike Riding and Chasing Clay

Yesterday Mike watched Clay while I went on my first bike ride!! YEAH!! I got a new road bike earlier. . . I have picture on an earlier post. Last night was my first ride on it, and I had so much fun! I rode for about an hour and loved it! I went after we had dinner so I got to see the sunset while I was riding. I felt really good to get outside and be by myself for a little while!

Meanwhile, Clay is keeping me really busy. He is crawling now, but he doesn't do it all the time. We went to Travis and Megan's apartment on Wednesday and he just started crawling. He still likes to scoot though. He new favorite thing is pulling himself up so he can stand. Since I am packing he loves all the boxes, he loves to look inside them while I am packing, and eat the newspaper. Today he pulled off some big ceramic bowls that are on a shelf in the kitchen. That was fun! So I am excited to get into this new house so we can put all of that stuff away, so he can't hurt himself. Poor little guy! He never stop moving, he wishes he could walk so badly! I however would love for that to be delayed.

This Wednesday Mike had the entire day off, well except for UPS. So When he got home from UPS we hopped in the car and headed for Park City. Mike went mountain biking at the Deer Valley Resort. I went shopping at the outlet mall, and Travis drove over to meet me. Travis then discovered how crazy and how much Clay likes to move around. Then we drove up to Deer Valley and met Mike for lunch and by that time he was pretty tired. So we decided to go and make our visit to Ikea! I got my shelves that I have been wanting, and my desk! I am so excited to get it all set up in our new house! Megan met us after work at Ikea, and then we went and had some yummy dinner at Applebees. After that we headed home. It was a great day!

My new desk!! I am so excited!

So now with the houses, we are just packing and trying to get the few things done for our appraisal. We didn't know this, but they go through our house one last time, so we have to get it all cleaned up. Right now it is full of boxes and stuff everywhere! Our Realtor just brought over his trailer for us to fill up! We can start moving stuff in on Monday, but we don't officially get the house until the 15th. Everything is going smoothly though and we are thankful for that!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So we found the house we are going to buy! We already gave them our offer and they accepted!! We are so excited! I absolutely love the house! It was built in 1890 but has been completely redone inside. It is so nice, and I am so excited to live there! It has a garage/shop that has room for all the cars, and a bike shop!!! It has three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

As for our house the siding is almost done and it looks SO GOOD! We had our appraisal done, we are just waiting to hear back from them. If we don't hear back that means everything went great, so I guess we don't want to hear from them. That should be by today though. Then they will do the home inspection and then we start packing! The closing date for our house is August 11. The closing date for the house we are buying is two weeks after that, so we are hoping we can move in sooner. They said if everything is complete we can. All that is left to do is the upstairs bathroom, tiling, and wiring. There is some painting and wiring in other rooms to finish. The sellers live in Ogden now and come up on the weekends to finish things with the house. Hopefully it will be done August 12! Oh, and we have to do the inpection and appraisal on the house we want. So much to do! Selling and buying a house is a PAIN! All of you that have done it or are in the process of doing it, know what I mean.

Other than that, Clay is doing really good! He has two teeth now and wishes he could run around still. He pulls himself everywhere, and loves sitting up by himself, and getting into EVERYTHING. He has been so much fun, and he is excited to have a bigger house to scoot around in!

As for Mike, this is his last week working at Hyrum Dam!!! YEAH!!!! I am so excited for him to be done with that. Even though the house we are moving to is right next to the dam, that would've been nice this summer! He will be working at UPS and Al's sporting goods still. He should be getting done with work around 4 though! I am not going to know what to do with him! I am excited to have him home more!

Monday, July 6, 2009

So Many Updates!

There are quite a few things I need to write about, so here we go . . .

I went to El Paso for a week to visit my sister Racheal and her family. While I was there Mike went on high adventure with my nephew Trent in Lake Powell. He had a good time, and said it was very relaxing not having to work 3 jobs. He actually got to read a book!!! That rarely happens. I had an awesome time with my sister and her family. We did tons of fun things like, go to the pool, made terrariums, made picture frames, went shopping, and made plum jam! My mom was also able to come up for a few days too. I also got tons of good baby boy clothes from Racheal. One night we made plum jam from their very own tree in their backyard. It took a while, but it was really fun, we all had our stations and made a good little assembly line. The jam turned out really yummy!! I think we had like 52 bottles of jam, something like that. They are getting ready to move to Illinois, so it was fun to visit them in their house before the moved. I had a great time. We had fun staying up late and talking every night, that is my most favorite thing to do when I visit my family.

Clay loved Playing with the kids

Cora got stickers and was putting them on everyone, even on Clay's hands

This is just the beginning of plum jam makings

The other thing is Clay is now pulling himself EVERYWHERE! He loves it! He can't stop moving, and when he sees kids running he can't help but watch them the whole time. He wants to run so badly, and that is when I will be getting him a leash! He has been so fun, he keeps me busy making sure he isn't getting into anything he isn't supposed to. He loves cords, plastic bags, paper and sometimes he likes his toys. He can even crawl off the little step we have in our bedroom. He just hangs his little arms over the edge and then pulls himself forward until he falls off of it basically. He also is saying dadada and making new noises almost everyday. He also got a tooth!!! I don't have a picture of that yet. It isn't all the way up, but it is up through his gum's!

Thursday of last week Jen and Cody's ward had their 4th of July celebration. They were having games and treats at the church and then watching fireworks afterward. It was raining for a while before it started so we assumed it was canceled, so Jen and I headed over to Joanne Fabric to get some things. Cody called while we were there and said everybody was over at the church. So we got back and headed over there. They have this train that they do that is pulled by a four wheeler, and the seats everybody sits in are made out of big blue barrels. The kids love it and line up all night to ride on it! So we had Cody take Clay and they loved it. Mike got their right before the fireworks started and then he and Clay slept through all of them!!! It was a fun night though and I attempted to take pictures of the fireworks.
Clay and Cody going on a train ride!

Sleeping through the fireworks

For the 4th of July Travis and Megan came up from SLC. Travis and his friend Cody helped Mike put up a metal shed in our backyard, which is very nice to have. It didn't take too long, and we love it! After they did that we went to Hyrum, they had some booths set up and free watermelon so we thought we would go look around. We missed the free watermelon, but I got a really pretty pentant from the lady I always have to buy something from! She is my favorite, she is at the farmers market usually. After that Travis and Megan headed home because they were leaving Sunday morning to go to Japan!!!! We also made neck pillows for them while they were here, to try and help them sleep on the plane. They had a 10 hour flight! So anyways, after that we met up with Jen and Cody at the bluebird for some dinner. Had some good dinner and got some yummy chocolates, and went and sat outside to watch the Cache Valley Cruise in. It was a lot of fun, Clay loved all the motorcycles. He did not like the cops on the motorcycles, because they for some reason had to have their sirens going! After that we went home, and all went for a little bike ride, and then out for ice cream! It was a really fun day!
waiting for the cars to start coming!

Other than that, we had a couple look at our house for the second time on Saturday. They were here for about an hour. Our Realtor was going to call them this morning and get back to us, so I am excited to hear what they say! Hopefully everything works out!

Clay loves eating grass and dirt, his papa is so proud.