Monday, July 21, 2008


So I had my doctors appointment this morning, I went in hoping I was going to get an ultra sound but thinking I probably wouldn't. Well when I went in with the nurse she said, "oh are you having your ultra sound today?? You should because you are 19 1/2 weeks" I said I was hoping so but i wasn't sure. She told me you have to specifically schedule your ultra sound because it is a special lady that does that, well nobody told me that!!! Even when I made my appointment why didn't anybody mention that to me!! So then my doctor came in and said, oh you should be having an ultra sound today why are you not?? I told him because nobody informed me that I had to schedule it specially with this lady. I also told him that I was going to Texas the next day and it would be fun to show my family pictures!! So he said he would see what he could do to squeeze me in!!! YEAH!!!! I was so excited, so he came back in and told me she just got there and she was doing an ultra sound and that she would squeeze me in after this other girl! So we just had to wait like 15 minutes or so and then it was out turn!! YEAH!!! It was so much fun and she had the whole fancy 3-D thing, and she gave me a CD so this is our sweet little baby. It was so much fun, and I can't wait to go to Texas tomorrow and see my family!!! Other good news Mike is skipping work to play today!! So I am taking a half day of work, so it was a great day!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lots of updates.

So I had something that I wanted to write about and now I can't think of what it was. I wanted to write an update though, so here goes.

Well first off all the last blog I wrote when we were supposed to go on that trip to Sun Valley, that didn't work out at all. We ended up not going, and it turned out to be a good thing. Nothing was working out in our favor to go that weekend but I just kept fighting it, I was going!!! Mike called when I was waiting for JJ to come over so we could leave and said he was on his way home and he was calling it off. He had a weird afternoon that day and almost got stranded on his four wheeler, and just didn't have a good feeling about this trip the entire time. So finally I gave in and told him to just come home. So that night I went and waited at a friends house until he got home because he wasn't getting home until really late. Well he got home around midnight and when we got back to our house it smelled terribly of gas! All the pilot lights were lit on the stove but little did I know there was one for he oven, which makes sense I just never thought of it. So that one had gone out and that one leaks the most gas of all of them. So we had gas leaking in our house with two pilot lights still lit near by! NOT GOOD!!!! So if I would have left for the weekend our house would probably not be here anymore. So now we have a brand new oven, so while Mike is gone he doesn't have to worry about pilot lights randomly going off with me home! YEAH!!! I love our new oven though, and we got some work done on the house that weekend. So all in all it was a good thing.

This last week I had Friday off instead of Saturday, so Mike and I decided to go for a bike ride. I borrowed a mountain bike from somebody at Al's and it was my first mountain bike ride. We also took the pups and they loved it. Naomi got really tired and the end and just started walking but right in front of Mike of course, she still had to be in front even though she was tired. It was really fun though, where we went it was shaded the whole time so it was really nice weather. We woke up pretty early too and went. It was a very good first experience. There were some little jumps along the way that were my favorite, I didn't jump off them I just went up and over them they were so much fun and those bikes are so squishy! I loved it!

We are also making progress on the house. Mike got all the insulation put down in the floor and the floor boards put down as well! YEAH! Cody came over and is going to help us with all the electrical. He just built a garage on his house and did all the wiring himself so he is going to share his knowledge. So that is what we are going to do this weekend. I am excited that we are making progress. Mike wants to have it completely finished by the time school starts. He is taking 22 credits this fall so he won't have much free time. I have a feeling once school starts time is going to fly by and it is going to be December before we know it!!!

I have also made a decision on what I am going to do for the baby's room, but you will just have to wait and see it when it is done, I will hopefully get a new camera or new battery for my old one so I can start taking more pictures!!! I have decided on a crib,car seat, and some other stuff I want to buy as well, now I just need to save my pennies.

Well this next Tuesday I am headed to Houston for Travis' wedding! I am so excited to see my family! I will be there for almost whole week and Mike flies out that Friday! I think well I know when I get there we will be doing lots of little crafts and hanging out in the pool. I am so excited I get to see everybody again! Also Mike's mom is going to take me to the airport on Tuesday, I am excited for that as well I love spending time with her and I think we are going to go out for breakfast! It will be a good week next week.