Wednesday, January 6, 2010


My sister in law Megan did this on her blog and I thought it was a cute idea so I thought I would copy her!

This is what we have done this past year. . . . . (also I never sent Christmas cards, so this counts!)


We went to Hardware Ranch with Travis and Megan to see all of the Elk. Clay was only one month old, so I was still trying to figure out how to be a mom. Which I am still trying to figure out! That was still when he slept all the time though. . aw the good ole days.


This was when we deceided to take a weekend trip to Moab. It was a great time to go becuase we were pretty much the only people there. Except for the road to Delicate arch was CLOSED! It was a fun trip though, and good to get away for a couple of days. That is also when I dyed my hair. . I don't want to talk about it.

Also Mike did quite a bit of split boarding last winter with the dogs. He has lots of plans to continue that this winter.


March was Mike's birthday!! I was proud of the cake I made him, the bike I attempted to draw with frosting is supposed to be his bike.


We road tripped it to Washington. It was a beautiful drive, long but beautiful. We had a lot of fun, and Clay did really well in the car surprisingly. It was fun to see that part of the country, I had never been there before. I loved seeing Mike's grandpa as well. We took the ferry a couple of times, went to pike's place market, the tulip festival, all sorts of fun stuff.


This was one of my mothers day presents. It was my very fist mothers day and it was a great one. I got pretty flowers, and an awesome bag it was a good day.

This was also the month Travis and I went to Texas to see my mom and dad. I surprised my mom, it was a great surprise and we had so much fun!


Our friends Pat and Lynn got married in Flaming Gorge. We went down there and camped for a couple of days, it was so pretty there, I want to go again when it gets warm!


We went with Jen and Cody to a Fourth of July shin dig. Mike and Clay slept through all the fireworks!! They had a cool little train there pulled by a four wheeler that was fun, Cody took Clay on it, what a great uncle.

We also went to the Cache Valley cruise in with Jen and Cody. We went and ate a bluebird before hand, then after we ate we just went outside the front door, ate our yummy bluebird chocolates and watch the cars drive by.


We bought our house!!! I love this house so much and I am so happy to be living here! We love Hyrum! It makes it easier to bug Jen and Cody all the time.


My mom and dad came to Hyrum to help us get settled in our new house. I think my dad met more people working out in the yard that day than I have in a long time. Maybe that is why I didn't meet many people at our other house!

We also went to the children's museum in Salt Lake. It was probably more fun for Mike and I than Clay but he still had a good time! He was just crawling at this point so he wasn't getting into too much yet.

Mike had a bike show for Al's in Las Vegas that we drove down to with 4 other guys from the shop, crazy boys. It was a fun trip, I just got to hang out with my Aunt and cousin for a couple of days! This is apparently the only picture I have from the trip.


This was my birthday! I know that we did something but I can't remember what, and neither can Mike. He is asleep now "trying to remember" what we did. I am sure it was great though!

We took another road trip, to Nebraska! My friend JJ got married so we took a long weekend and went. It was super fun to see everybody. We stayed with my brother Brad and his cute family. Travis drove there with us and then Megan flew there another day and drove home with us. It was a short trip but it was tons of fun.

We also went on a little drive to go find the snow of course!

We can't forget Halloween! Mike's costume was awesome and everybody loved it! He was syndrome from Incredibles, Clay was smokey the bear, and I was mother nature.


We had Thanksgiving at our house!! I loved having it at our house! We got new dishes, cups and I made lots of new things for decorating the house. I didn't take any pictures though. . . bummer.

We did cut down our very own Christmas tree this month, I love it! I am sad to take it down.


My Clay is now 1 YEAR OLD!

December was a great month, and I am sad it is over. I got to go to St. Louis and see my ENTIRE family!! We stayed up late every night, watching movies and playing band hero. I started a few crafts and left them there for when I go back the end of this month. I got tons of good stuff I am not even going to list it! It would take too long and I am ready for bed. I hope you enjoyed all my pictures from this year! It was an awesome year, and I probably could have put what different things Clay did each month, he is constantly changing. I don't have any pictures from December yet, I didn't take that many! I am not sure why.