Thursday, June 11, 2009

Clay's First Camping Trip

Mike's friend Pat got married this past weekend next to Flaming Gorge. They got married outside by a beautiful lake out in the middle of lots of Pine Trees. It was so pretty there! We decided to camp while we were there. I brought lots of blankets and warm clothes for Clay. He loved it!! He did so well, he slept just as good or maybe better than he always does.

It was free fishing on Saturday in Utah (meaning you don't need a fishing license), so we went fishing there! I haven't been fishing in years!! It was fun, but gross when you actually caught one. I did catch one and so did Mike.

Sunday morning Pat's family invited us over to where they were camping to have omelets. So you put everything in a zip lock bag and boil it in water! It actually worked really well, and was a very yummy breakfast! They also had biscuits, gravy, orange juice, milk and Mike found some candy too.

The drive was really pretty and it was fun to see the dam. Clay did really good, and loves being outside. It was a great weekend. Now I am getting ready to Fly to El Paso tomorrow to see my sister Racheal and her family!

Clay also turned 6 months last week! We went to the doctor and he is 14lbs 3oz (which is the 5th percentile) and 25 1/2 inches tall! So our doctor said since he never stops moving, we need to give him more calories. So I have started to feed him 3 times a day now! We had a 1/2 birthday party for him last night at Jen and Cody's house. It was really fun, we made him a cute little party hat and had cupcakes! Jen posted some really cute pictures of him, he was so cute with his little birthday hat on! I am excited for his 1st birthday when he can have some cake!

Here are a few of swaps that I have done too! They have been so much fun!
This was a pink, green, and yellow matchbox swap.
This was a bird whimsy jar, it was only a 2 oz. jar full of cute things that had to do with birds!

These are summer time ATC's (artist trading cards) So you could do anything that had to do with summer.

Monday, June 1, 2009


I went to see my mom for a week and I had the best time with her. So about a month ago Travis called me and told me he was going to Houston and he got a good deal on plane tickets. So I decided I wanted to go with him, I called my mom to tell her and she didn't answer, so I decided she didn't get to know, I was going to surprise her.

The surprise was awesome. I waited inside and waited for Travis to wave me outside when my mom got there. She pulled up and they were putting Trav's bags in the car when I walked up behind her. I didn't know what to do to get her attention. I was just going to ask her if she had room for two more. Travis got out the camera and my mom says "okay we are taking my picture at the airport!" She turned around and saw Clay and I and screamed!! Then she hugged us really tight and the combination of the two made Clay scream as well. It was so funny, I love surprising people! My mom said she didn't have even the slightest clue that we were coming and was surprised to find out everybody knew but her!

The week was awesome, we went swimming, shopping, eating, and had a great time talking every night before we went to bed. My Dad came that weekend, he got in Friday night and we got to spend all day Saturday and part of Monday with him. My niece Afton got baptized that weekend so my mom and dad flew out Sunday Morning early and got back Monday morning!! What a fast trip! Angie also came to visit as well! I had a lot of fun with her, she came Friday and left Monday night.

Clay loved swimming in the pool! The cold water didn't bother him at all!! We got a little crab floaty for him, that had a little shade on it to keep him out of the sun. He loved kicking his little feet and splashing in the water. This video is of him playing with a little fountain thing in the pool. He loved it, you can see his little foot covering up with water and then taking it off. That tickles your foot too!! I don't know how he could stand it, but he thought it was great.

Clay was spoiled at got lots of new clothes!! He got some really cute stuff. His grandma and grandpa love spoiling him. I got spoiled to though, I also got new clothes!!
Clay did so good on the plane too!! I was a little bit worried because our flight home was so late, but he slept all three hours!!!! The plane ride there he slept most of the way too, he was awake for about an hour of it! What a good boy!