Sunday, September 20, 2009


So I have been wanting to open a shop on Etsy for some time now, but have failed to do so. Until today!!! I finally got a shop all set up! It is so much fun! It will be even more fun when I actually sell something, so wish me luck.

I started out with the name enjay, which is my initials NJ just spelled out, my creative little brother came up with that. So I debated for like. . . . 5 months ish, and finally decided to just do it. Well I went to set it up and it was already taken!!! I was so sad. Then I decided to do enbe, which is what my creative husband came up with. So after playing with logos forever, because I already had one for enjay, I finally got everything set up. I posted all of my books for sale this afternoon, and now I need to make more because there are not very many!

Here it is

Other than that, we are going to Vegas tomorrow to a bike expo. I am super excited! We are going to stay with my Aunt Lori in their beautiful house. Tuesday I am going to play with her all day, while Mike goes and rides tons of different bikes. Then on Wednesday I will go with Mike to the bike show and look at all the new bikes!! It will be super fun. Then we are going to drive back Wednesday night, wish me luck, Clay hates the car at night!

The other night at dinner Clay kept making a super funny face. He does this face quite often but I haven't ever gotten a picture of it. Well I got tons of pictures and a couple of videos, he couldn't stop making that crazy face. He is so much fun and so full of energy. He is going to be walking any day now I can feel it. He is so dang cute I can't handle it most days.

Look at those faces and just try not to laugh.

Friday, September 11, 2009


So we are all moved into our new house! There is still a lot of organizing to do, but mostly everything is done. There are still a lot of boxes in the garage, we do need to work on that. We are loving it though. We had a problem with some spiders when we first moved in and when we saw one crawling out of the attic door, that is above our BED we decided to call somebody. They came the next day to spray and we haven't seen a spider since! Now that, that issue is over it is much better. I have been loving all the space, and Clay loves it too. He crawls around everywhere, and really wants to be walking. He pulls himself up on everything still, and has balanced on his feet by himself a couple of times. The other thing we now have is stairs. He loves going up them and when I want to help him go down, he is thrilled. We have loved being in Hyrum, everybody has been really friendly. We already planted a couple of trees!!

The day we closed on our previous house, my mom flew out to help us! It was so nice to have her here! She made me beautiful curtains, and there should be more on the way! My dad also came that weekend, and helped a ton with the yard. It was so fun to have them here. I feel like that was forever ago, I am ready to have them back! Travis and Megan have been up a few times to visit and have helped a bunch with getting everything put together. Travis has assembled all of the new furniture we have gotten, thanks Trav! We lost the bolts to Clay's crib, so we finally gave in and just went and bought new bolts, I am sure they will turn up one day.

This last Tuesday Mike had the entire day off. Well except for UPS but he is usually home when we are waking up. So we went to the Children's museum in Salt Lake! It was so fun!!! I think Mike and I had more fun than Clay did. There was a little area just for little babies that Clay loved. There were just a lot of soft toys and a little slide.

That is pretty much everything that has been happening. Clay did have his 9 month check up. He was only 16 lbs. which is below the 5th percentile! So we need to fatten him up. The doctor said to put melted butter in with his peas and feed him shredded cheese. He loves the shredded cheese, I haven't done the melted butter yet. He said he can pretty much eat anything now, there is just a few things he can't eat. We have been having fun trying new things. He is still just a cute as ever!