Monday, April 7, 2008

Goodbye Prince Gallery

So today was officially my last day at Prince Gallery. This has been the only job I have been sad about leaving. When I gave Frank my two weeks I cried immediately after, and have cried periodically at work when thinking about leaving. I will now be working at Inkley's which will be a very good job, and I am confident I have made the right decision. Frank went to many great lengths to get me to stay, he even tried to get me heath insurance. I was very flattered by all the things he tried to do for me to get me to stay. I was supposed to work all week and my last would have been Friday. To my surprise when I told Frank I was definitely going to Inkley's he said today was my last day and he wanted my key. It was a very sad day, and once again cried when I left. I loved that job, and I learned a lot there. I met some awesome people and had a great time. It is time to move on though. On to my next adventure to learn more about photography, something I have wanted to learn about for quite some time now. I am excited to take on my new adventure. Also now I get the rest of the week off!!! YEAH!! I have recently learned how to make books, so that is what I will do this week! I will probably find many other projects I want to start as well.