Monday, June 23, 2008

hmmm. . . .

Well today is again Monday, which means Mike left this morning to go to Idaho for the week. The really good thing and sucky thing about this week is. . . I am going to Idaho to see him for the weekend!!! The sucky part is, he usually comes home Thursday night, but I have to work Friday. So I will drive up with JJ and Scotty Friday after work that is one less day to see my husband! DUMB! It will be fun however to go see where he is living. We are going to go canoing across a lake and do a little hiking! It will be tons o fun.

The newest thing I did to keep myself busy was to redo some chairs! The business next to Prince Gallery went out of business, sad for them happy for me! They were throwing away everything, so I got some free chairs and spray painted them and re-upholstered them, they look really good I think. Especially for my first time doing that! So that was my highlight of last week.

I also had another doctors appointment last week, which the doctor was not there because he was delivering a baby over at the hospital. My dad says that is a good sign, now I know he has experience. So the nurse just did a little ultra sound so I could hear the babies heart beat. She couldn't find it for a little bit and it was freaking me out!! But no worries she found it and all is good.

I came home to presents on my door today. Mike's mom loves to get us goodies and leave them at our door. She is so funny, and I love the presents. She got some cute baby clothes, towels, and wash cloths. They all have cute little duckies on them. Also she bought me some bread and E.L. Fudge cookies!! YUMMY! She is so good to us! I love getting surprises when I get home from work.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

where to start. . . .

Well I have not updated this in a while!!! I am terrible at it. I have been told numerous times by numerous people, so now I am finally updating!!!

First of all I am once again at Prince Gallery. I went back, I couldn't stay away for too long. The other job wasn't what I thought at all, and there was nothing for me to do. If there weren't any customers I just stood around and did nothing. It was on commission which turned out to be really sucky. Anyways, that is behind me now, I am back at Prince Gallery and loving it. It is good to be back and I feel at home. That sounds dumb but I do.

Next and probably most importantly, I am prego! I am posting my first ultra sound with this blog, that was at about 11 weeks. Right now I am at 14 weeks. So far so good, I haven't been too sick. I lost my appetite for a little while, and I am getting really picky about what I eat when I have never really been that picky before about food. My belly is starting to poke out a little so right now it just looks like I am a little chubby, but that is fine. Mike is really exited for when I have a big belly. I have mixed feelings. We are both really excited though to have a baby. We are adding a little more room onto our house. Those who have seen our house know that we could use even just a little more space. The room I am in now will later be converted into the baby's room, right now it is the catch all room. This is another reason for me switching back to Prince Gallery, he is a lot more flexible with time off and now he knows me so he doesn't get so mad when I am constantly late. Also if I wanted to work after I have our baby I could probably bring it with me to work if I needed to. Also we are not going to find out what we are having, we are going to have it be a surprise.

Other thing, Mike is doing an internship right now in Idaho. So he leaves early Monday morning to be at work and comes home Thursday night. It has been alright I guess. The first week was miserable. It hasn't been too much fun since but has gotten better. He is doing an internship with the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). He mapping random roads that probably shouldn't be there. His job is to find them map them out and then other people decide what to do with them. He has his own atv, and drives around in a big truck, which I guess is good because your tax dollars are paying for the gas!!! He is staying at a fire station in a town called Bellevue, it is pretty close to Sun Valley. He has his own room, they have cable, big kitchen, and all the outdoor recreation you could ask for. So he is having a fun time and planning lots of fun stuff for us to do when I go there for the weekend.

Also, my friend JJ is in town, she is staying until the end of July! It is so fun to have her here and I have been having lots of fun with her. She helps me get through the week without Mike here. We have been riding bikes together a lot and she works a ton, hopefully that will stop soon so we can play more!

One more thing, this weekend we went rock climbing for the first time this season! It was so fun! I forget how much I love it! It is so relaxing at times. It is just quiet, and you are constantly thinking, where can my right hand go, and when I move my right hand where am I going to put my left foot. I love it! We went with our brother in law Cody. He is fun to go with because he is very knowledgeable and a good teacher. Hopefully we will go again next weekend.

Well I love you all and I hope you enjoyed my updates, I will keep up with it more . . . . hopefully.