Wednesday, February 4, 2009


We planned this trip to Moab, and by planned I mean said we wanted to go and that was about it. Mike had work off of ups Monday morning and then got work off at Al's too. So we thought we would go early Sunday morning when Clay wakes up, which is about 3:30 ish. So the day before (Saturday) Clay was not in a very good mood. He wouldn't really eat and he was crying a bunch so a six hour drive to Moab wasn't sounding so great. We weren't ready when we wanted to be and so we deceided we weren't going to go and we would just go somewhere close. Well Sunday morning we got up at about 7:30 and decided what the heck lets go now. So Mike got on the computer and resereved a hotel room, there was no turning back now. We got everthing packed up and headed out! Clay was in a much better mood that day. He did so good in the car, we stopped about every 2 hours to feed him. So we stopped at Grandpa Madsen's had lunch and fed him and continued on our journey. We packed luches so the only time we ate out was for one dinner.

Moab was beautiful! The weather was in the upper 40's to lower 50's. The sky was clear, no inversion!! YEAH!! We could acutally go outside a breath fresh air! The red rock is beautiful!!! I have never been there and I loved it.
Right before we left Mike was looking on the computer and said oh no, the road is closed to Arches! By this time we had already bought the hotel room, so I just laughed and said ah well, lets go. He said just kidding its not! Really funny. Well when we got there the night of February 1st there is a sign right where you pay to get into the park. . .. the road up to Delicate arch (and some other ones) is closing the night of Feruary 1st. That was no joke. We couldn't believe it! The main road was still open though, so we still got to see tons of good stuff. It was just funny that it closed hours before we got there!

We had a lot of fun on our little weekend vacation. Moab was a fun little town, and great time for us to go, there was hardly anybody there. It was perfect, just what we needed.
On our way home Monday we stopped at Travis and Megan's house and they made us dinner! It was very yummy and always good to see them. I am so glad they live so close I love being able to see them.

Side note for those of you who don't know, my Dad got a job this past week! YEAH!!! They are going to be moving to St. Louis. Moving is no fun but it will be another adventure for them. JJ's parents live there too so that will be fun!!

Clay loved his little vacation.