Wednesday, August 8, 2007

New pets!

So, I wanted to show everyone pictures of our new kitty. He is really cute, but kind of a pain in the butt already. His name is Atlas by the way. So aparently cats get stressed when they move to new places and they poo everywhere! So that was pleasent. So I took him to the vet yesterday and we don't quite have a kennel for him yet so since he was stressed already and then he was scared in the car he was shedding like crazy!!! I HATE cat hair! Good thing we got a cat :) Anyways, So I take him to the vet and he does have an infection so we have to give him medicine twice a day until our two bottles of medicine are gone!!! So the vet tech showed me how to put the medicine in the cats mouth, it is going to be interesting. The place we adopted him from told us we had a two week trial period and if we didn't like him we could give him back. . . so with all the shedding and pooping, we were really tempted to. He is just really cute though, and he gets along with Dirt increadibly well, they love eachother! So we decieded to give this medicine a try and see if he gets better. Don't worry though when everybody comes to visit for our Wedding there will be no sign of cat hair!!! Other than that, still just planning away. When mom comes to visit we are going to take a trip to Jackson Hole!!! YEAH!! I love that place and I am so excited to see you mom!!!! We need to convince Dad to come too!!! Also I wanted to put up a picture of all the bikes at Mike's house!!! He was fixing some for friends, there were a lot of bikes!