Thursday, July 19, 2007

I wish it was snowing!

So, it is really hot here, and probably everywhere else, I overheard someone talking about playing in the snow. . . .they are already making plans!! Where is this snow??? Is it coming soon and I am just not aware of this who plans two seasons ahead!! Wierdo. Anyways, I added this picture of Dirt, our pup, for two reasons: 1 he is just a freaking cute pup and I wanted people to see him, 2 he LOVES the snow! When he spots a patch of snow he slides on it like he is some sort of seal, he loves it!! It is so fun to watch him he is cute, and he misses the snow too! So good news I got my dress back from the alteration lady. She made a little jacket for me, it is really cute! I turned out better than I had planned. She also cleaned it and did a bussle . . I don't know if that is how you spell that, but you all know what I am talking about. . right? It is being safely stored at Mike's sisters house where it can actually hang up and be in air conditioning. . . in my house it would shrivel up. I also put a picture of a little backpacking trip Mike and I went on, it was a lot of fun and we camped in snow!! That was in may! It was a fun trip though, our pup came with us and our friend Scotty. It was a good time. OH! Other news we have started the paper work to buy our house!!! So I will let you know in a year when that is all done!! So many papers to sign and read!!! It is exciting though. Also Mike bought me a new bike. It is so FUN! I love it, it is a commuter bike. It has a mountain bike frame and handle bars, but the wheels are skinny like a road bike, it is super fast and light, I love it. So now when I ride my bike to work I get there a whole lot quicker, and it can still hold my little basket on it! YEAH! I think that is all for now though. I am just working on getting wedding stuff done, it is coming along good. Any suggestions and ideas are more than okay!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I can't believe I am doing this

Okay, so I never thought I would have a blog!!!! I thought it would be a good idea though. JJ has one and I love reading about what she is doing! So I thought I could put some wedding updates on here so everybody can know what I am doing!!! I realize my address is Natalie Bodrero, and I am not quite Bodrero yet, but I figure it will be soon enough. Well as of right now, I have my dress and Mike has his suit!! We went to dillards last night and picked it out, and it looks so good on him! I am so excited. Then his mom went and bought it the next morning. When she went to go get it she just started laughing and the sales guy was nervous she didn't like it. So I guess she was laughing becuase it is the same color of suit his Dad wore when him and Mike's mom got married!!! WIERD HUH!! I think it is so cool that it turned out that way. Mike's mom says that it is wierd how many things they do alike, I love it! Also, we got our plane tickets to cancun!!! YEAH!!! We offically have a honeymoon spot! Now we just have to work on getting our passports, which I am not looking forward to. Well I am off to bed, I hope I can keep on top of this to keep you all updated! Oh, by the way that picture is there so you can see what I look like when I am typing!! Okay I know I am lame, but I love it!