Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter!! (little late I know)

So it has taken me a while to post about Easter, but I wanted to do it still even though it was a little while ago.

Saturday after work we drove to Travis and Megan's house. We met them to eat some dinner and then we were going to go home and color eggs. Mike went to their house to play with Clay, and we went to a few stores on a hunt for plastic eggs and a cute Easter basket for Clay. We ended up being gone for quite a while, but we got everything that we needed. By the time we got home Clay and Mike were both sound asleep. So we decided we would do the eggs the next day. We did however put candy in plastic eggs and hid them for Clay to find in the morning. After we did that we started working on some super cute onesies for Travis and Megan's baby. You can see them on Megan's blog, they all turned out really good, Travis even stitched one on!

So that morning Clay started finding the eggs before everybody was even up. He loved finding all the eggs and was putting them all in his basket and carrying his little basket around with him. It was so cute to watch him find them all. After that he was shaking them and one popped open and he discovered all the candy! WOO HOO! That is the best part.

After that happened we dyed eggs, and had a delicious lunch with ham, deviled eggs, potato salad and rolls. Then we drove back home to Logan and had a delicious dinner over at Jen and Cody's house. They did ham, yummy cheese potatoes, asparagus and rolls. It was a very good Easter weekend.

I already have another post I need to do about this weekend, because it was AWESOME, but that will have to wait until later because it is now my bedtime.