Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our addition!

So, I am finally posting about our new addition to our house. We added on a little room that is now our office/closet. So the original room with all of these things will now be the new baby's room! YEAH!!! We have had a lot of help with this room. Our crazy neighbor helped/was annoying for the entire project. Travis came up a couple of weekends and helped us completely finish it, we wouldn't have gotten it done without him. Megan and I helped paint, that was good! Cody also helped out a lot with the wiring, everything went really smoothly with that thanks to him. The room looks so good though and I love how it turned out. I am using it right now it is so wonderful to have it completed. We can say we did it all ourselves, even the carpet! Mike and I did the carpet, which was a huge pain, but I think it turned out incredibly well! Well enough talk just look at the pictures. Also I thew a picture of me in there, that is me at about 25 weeks.