Sunday, September 30, 2007

Only 3 weeks left!!!!

There are only 3 weeks left until we get married!!! Crazy! Time has gone by so fast! Hopefully you will all be getting your invitations soon! We had a little technical difficulty, we ran out of wax for the wax seals. .. but we are getting more in tomorrow. Tomorrow is also my birthday so I probably won't be doing invitations when I get home from work! Everything is going good though, we have everything ready for the most part. The invitations are my biggest thing right now! I just got back from Nebraska and had a really fun time there. It was fun to play with friends and see tons of people I haven't seen in about a year! The shower was so much fun! It was fun to see Brad and Emily's new house!! It is so cute! They have done a lot to it from what I hear, I didn't see the before of the house, but it looks really good right now! The other hightlight of my trip was that I got to see my little brother!! YEAH!!!! He is the AP right now so he is in the airport quite often. So I e-mailed him saying I was hopeing to see missionaries on my flight so I could give them a note to give to my brother. So Travis writes me back saying well maybe I can come see you at the airport when is your flight? So I tell him all my information, but then he writes back saying sorry it's not going to work. So I am sitting in the airport the next day in omaha, and I get a phone call from a phenoix number. It is my little brother companion!!! He tells me just to come out of security when I get to Pheniox and they will be there waiting for me!!! So my plane got there a little early and I rushed out of security and there he was sittting there waiting!!! I just hugged him forever! He is a lot taller than I remember him being and so skinny! He looked really good and it was so fun to see him! He said well it is not as hard to say goodbye this time becuase I am going to see you in a couple of weeks! YEAH!! I am so excited to see him again! I am so glad I got to see him when I was there, and I told him to say thank you thank you thank you to his mission president. They made a special trip to the airport just to come see me! It was a lot of fun! So now I am back home and back to work. Trying to get things done when I get home from work in the evenings. CRAZY! It is good to be back with Mike though! I missed that guy while I was gone in Nebraska!!!