Thursday, March 27, 2008


So, my story goes like this. I was up at good old Beaver mountain, having a good time, and I thought I should try to go off some jumps again. So Mike went a did a little trick and these little boys were so impressed. So I thought well I can't go slow like I usually do and not get very much air, because that would just be lame. So I went faster into the jump than I normally do. So I went really high but I landed it!! YEAH!! I was so stoked, in fact I was thinking about how good I did and forgot to slow down for the next jump, which by the way is bigger than the first one. I went off the second one really really high, I just remember being in the air looking at my snowboard thinking holy crap (or some other words) I am really high right now, how am I supposed to land this. So I actually did land it, but I was so scared I just sat down while landing and got this bruise on my arm! So that is my story, it was a super good day and Mike was very proud of me.

Naomi just got spayed, poor thing. She is fine now but the first day we got her back she was completely out of it and the only spot she would lay down was on our bed. She was on her sleeping bag on the floor and wouldn't lay down so she kept falling over because she was trying to sleep sitting up. Crazy dogs, but she is jumping around and being crazy like normal.