Saturday, November 15, 2008


So I have started taking this class called hypnobabies. I LOVE IT! It has been so much fun, and so good for me. After my class at the hospital I was freaked out and felt very unprepared. I decided I want to have a natural birth. The things they taught me at the hospital just didn't seem like enough, I needed something else. So I found this class in Logan. It is just out of someones house, and the teacher comes up from Layton once a week. So far I have had two classes. She just focuses a lot on talking positive about the whole experience, and telling yourself it is going to go well. Then of course we do relaxation exercises, and last week we learned about nutrition as well. There are two other couples in the class and Mike and I really like them. We get along with them really well. One of the girls, this is her second, and the other couple, this is their third. I am the one that is closest to having our baby. I am hoping I will make it to the end of the class! I have really enjoyed it though and I feel a million times better about having a baby. I also went to my sister in law's house the other night. We got to smell lots of good stuff from sentsy, and then she taught me how to do infant massage! It was a good night, and then the next day I had Mike smell all the ones I had picked out, so he would know just how great they are.