Friday, February 11, 2011


Well, so we all know by now that I am TERRIBLE at blogging! Anyways, I thought it was about time I put a post on here about the new baby! For those of you who don't know already, I am pregnant. I am due the end of June, so that makes me about 21 weeks right now. We are having a little girl and we are super excited about that.

So far everything has gone extremely well, I haven't been sick at all. . . . well with the pregnancy. I am sick right now with a cold and a terrible cough that is driving me CRAZY! We had the ultra sound a couple of weeks ago and everything looks great. We had the ultrasound tech put the sex of the baby in a sealed envelope and gave it to our friend who made cupcakes for us. She did a filling in the middle of pink or blue so she was the first one to find out what we were having! Travis and Megan came up for a few days and that night we did fondue with some friends and had the cupcakes! It was so fun, we also did skype with my family that is all so far away. Then we took cupcakes around to Mikes family so they could find out the same way we did. It was a really fun to find out.

Other than that Clay has been crazy as ever and learning all sorts of stuff. We took his binky away so that was challenging at first for sleeping, but now he is over it. He has been talking a lot more and learning his colors and letters. He loves saying letters with you and drawing circles. He has blocks that are red, yellow, blue, green, black and white. He builds those up several times a day and says the colors while he is doing it. He has also started saying thank-you when you give him something and it is so cute. He always wants to make sure that you heard him saying thank-you as well, so if you don't respond he will get closer to your face or just repeat it until you say you are welcome. He still loves choo choos and continually says that throughout the day. His other new fun development is screaming. He has started to get really frustrated when his blocks fall over or if something is stuck or if he wants something other than what you are giving him. So we are working on his patience! I am trying to teach him to laugh when his blocks fall over, so far he just stares at me like, why are you laughing about this? We are excited for spring so we can play outside more!

Other things I am working on. . . . . Christmas cards! Thats right, I have them all printed off just not sent so don't be surprised when you get a Christmas card in MARCH! They are too cute to not send though so hopefully I will get those done soon! I will try to be better about my blog and keeping you all posted on the new baby! If you have any girl name suggestions that would be great!