Thursday, October 8, 2009

Walking, Vegas and more

Well my baby boy is now walking. Well trying really hard! The most steps he has taken has been about 12!!! He is doing so good, and he loves it! He is standing up on his own so well, and usually takes 2-3 steps then sit down to crawl the rest of the way. He is such a fun little boy to play with all day long. Yesterday for lunch he had almost an entire thing of easy mac and lot of little slices of pear! For dinner he ate an entire banana and most of his quesadilla! He is eating so much it is crazy. He is happy as ever, except for at night when he doesn't want to sleep very much at all. He loves to play and not sleep.

A couple of weeks ago we went to Vegas because Mike went to a big bike expo there. It was called interbike, he had a blast. The first day all they did was ride all the bikes they wanted to. They went up to a mountain and had access to anything they wanted. He loved it! I got to spend all day with my Aunt Lori and my cousin Amy and her two adorable little girls. I had so much fun spending time with them, which doesn't happen very often. They next day I went to interbike with Mike and wondered around to all the booths and saw all the new fancy bikes and accessories. It was a fun couple of days, and Clay did amazingly well in the car!!! We are going to drive to Lincoln next week, so hopefully he will do well then too!

Other than that not too much has been going on. I put up some fall decorations in my house which is so fun! I love fall! I also got curtains put up in my bedroom and in Clay's room! Our room feels much more like a room now. This last week was my birthday, so I got a new dresser/shelves for my clothes! It is so cute, I love it! I got it at Ikea of course, but it is just a bookshelf but has a glass door on the front that is frosted glass with flowers! I also got some new clothes at Gap. Thanks Mom and Mike's mom for my new stuff!!!

OH! I do have another story to tell. So for my birthday Mike's sister Jen asked me if I wanted to go to lunch, which sounded awesome. So I chose to go to Olive Garden, I never go there but I really like it. So little did I know it was UEA week and all of the schools were out. Still I didn't think Olive Garden would be packed for lunch on a Thursday. Well, it was pretty full, and the wait was 15-20 minutes, so not too bad right? Well we waited for 20 min and nothing, so Mike went to talk to them, and then we got in. So we sat down, got our menus and decided quickly what we wanted to we could get our order in right away. We then waited and waited and waited some more. We sat there for 40 minutes with no water, no waiter, nothing!!! So we left! Nobody even noticed us leaving!!!! The girl at the door asked how our meal was and we told her we don't know, we never had it. We then explained what happened and she just stared with her mouth and eyes wide open. She didn't even say anything!!! No free meal!!! We then went to Iggy's, they guarantee you get your food in 15 minutes!! Perfect! It was really good food, and good for Clay because there was lots to look at there. Then we went shopping and got some cute new clothes for Clay and a little walker which he loves. It was a great day!

This was at my Aunt Lori's house, he had a great time doing this.